11 Factors to consider before going for metal roofing

Metal roofs are the perfect combination of durability, strength, and aesthetic appeal. The popularity of this roof type has soared over the years due to the diverse options. But this also means you have to consider a ton of things before you zero in on a particular roof type.

11 factors to consider before buying metal roofing:

1. Roof style

  • Standing seam metal roofing: This has a stylish, sleek appearance and has exceptional weather resistance.
  • Metal shingles: They resemble the classic look of asphalt or wood shingles. They also come in various colors, textures, shapes, etc.
  • Metal tiles: They are lightweight and easy to install and have the appearance of traditional concrete or clay lines. 

2. Roofing panel

  • Ribbed panel: These are raised ribs that run vertically along sheet length and have high structural strength.
  • Snap-lock panels: They have a unique interlocking mechanism that gives them a neat, streamlined mechanism.
  • Batten seam panel: They have raised seams and decorative caps, that give them a timeless, elegant look.
  • Standing seam panel: These have concealed fasteners that provide resistance against water infiltration. 

3. Insulation

To maintain the energy efficiency of the metal roof and comfortable temperature inside the building, proper heat insulation on metal roofs is necessary. 

4. Flashing and sealant

Metal roofing requires flashing and sealant installation at vulnerable points to improve the roof’s waterproofing abilities. 

5. Integrated solar panels

Some metal roofs come with integrated solar panels that provide the benefits of solar energy generation and durable roofing. 

6. Cost Consideration and ROI

Metal roofing has a comparatively higher upfront cost of materials and installation. But in the longer run, you will save on energy costs, and maintenance expenses and an overall increased value over the years due to its highest durability. The ROI on every penny spent on this roofing system is high. 

7. Material

There are multiple material options available in this roofing type, like steel, aluminum, zinc, etc. If you want a highly durable and cost-effective option, go for steel corrugated sheets. Aluminum can be a good fit if you want a lightweight and corrosion-resistant option. Zinc has aesthetic appeal, great longevity, and self-healing properties. 

8. Customization

Modern corrugated metal sheets offer a wide variety of options in color, finishes, design scheme, cuts, shape, and length. 

9. Choosing the right commercial metal roofing contractor

You need to hire an experienced commercial metal roofing contractor with years of expertise in the installation of metal roofs. This is because metal roof installation is quite critical. Make sure you are hiring a reliable and skilled professional for this task by checking for reviews, certifications, testimonials, etc. 

10. Local building permits and codes

Before starting a commercial metal roof construction project, familiarize yourself with all the local building codes and permit requirements. Building codes often specify roofing material, ventilation standards, and insulation. So always go for the metal roofing option that complies with all these requirements to avoid legal expenses. 

11. Fire ratings and insurance benefits

Always check for fire ratings before going for metal roofing options. Installing a high-quality, fire-resistant metal roof can reduce your insurance premium significantly. Metal roofs have low combustibility, and so insurance providers offer high discounts for properties with metal roofs.

Installing a metal roof for your commercial building is a wise decision both in terms of quality and expense. Our highly qualified commercial metal roofing contractors can help you with the entire installation process.