Sturdy Metal Roofs are Vulnerable Too: Follow These 4 Crucial Guidelines

Most people think that metal roofing is a permanent fix and while there is significant truth to this, metal roofs are prone to damage too. So, our professional metal roofers at ASAP Roofing and Exteriors will guide you through the types of damages that can take place. We will also advise you on the solutions for preventing or repairing metal roof damage.

Metal roof damages and their solutions

Metal roofs can withstand exposure to water as long as it flows down and away. Metal roofs should be designed like a slope so that there is no accumulation of water for longer periods. But like any metal, prolonged exposure to moisture can lead to some defects in its structure. Let’s explore these problems that can make metals mental!

  1. Panels that are crimped or bent can lead to ponding water and this can directly lead to rusting or leaking. So, must for permanent replacement of leakage but this is entirely because of neglecting to assess your metal roof.
  1. If you see a coating on your metal roof that is yellowish or reddish brown and flaky, it represents the process of rusting. This means that your iron or steel roof is getting rusted and must be immediately addressed by professional metal roofers. Yes, most metal is galvanized or coated to prevent rust but excessing water ponding or heat direct from sunlight can wear your metal roof. Apply a rust inhibitor on the panels that you replace after removing the rusted panels. Also, get your roof panels checked twice a year just in case.
  1. Metal roofs are on top of your property, which means they are on your roof. So, how they look should not matter but it does matter, especially when it undergoes stress wrinkling or oil canning. Stress wrinkling does not affect the structural integrity of your roof but it does look odd. This type of aesthetic compromise makes your roof panels present a wavy or distorted look. The big question is can you repair it? Actually, no but you can prevent it by installing high-quality metal from trust metal roofers. A few more tips can be to make sure that during installation, the panels are held and handled with care. They are metal but still vulnerable to damage so proper handling is a must.
  1. We just mentioned that metal is vulnerable to damage and by this, we mean, for instance, puncturing. Can metal get punctured? Yes, due to heavy foot traffic while installing a heating and cooling system. It may also get damaged during construction or maintenance, so be careful. What our metal roofers recommend is to maintain a specific walkway while accessing the roof. Also, follow proper guidelines to ensure not to crimp panels and keep a secure distance from skylights. Never drag equipment across a metal roof and try not to drop sharp objects which can cause a dent or puncture. As a temporary measure, one can apply a sealant to fix the puncture.

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Ensure to always keep an eye on your knight in shining metal roof at least twice a year or more depending on the frequency of accessing it.