Don’t have Truss Issues. Get a New Roof this Spring ASAP!

Spring is a great time for roofing maintenance and to schedule an appointment for a new roof. But what should be at the top of your list?

Weather Damage

During winter, fluctuating temperatures, moisture, and heavy snowfall can cause havoc on your roof. As temperatures rise and rainfall replaces snow storms, paired with the existing snow melting, your roof is left begging for mercy and in need of maintenance. Active leaks do more than stain your walls and ceilings. Water damage can occur and bring harmful contaminations such as mold into your home. Breathing in mold can cause severe damage to your lungs and the lungs of young children, the elderly, and those immunocompromised. Mold and excessive moisture also weaken drywall and wood foundations for your walls and ceiling, which can result in dangerous structural weakness and costly repairs. 

Additionally, heavy snowfall on a weak roof structure can cause damage to your trusses and for the roof to cave.

Water damage will also further the process and leave your home unprotected against the elements in a sensitive season known for its rainfall.

snow roof

Animal Damage​

Many animals hibernate for winter and you may have welcomed in a few extra housemates without your knowledge. Cracked roofs, loose siding, and faulty shingles are great entryways for squirrels, raccoons, birds, and mice into your warm home. As the snow thaws and they wake up, they’ll be looking for any kind of food. Your insulation, wiring, and ventilation system can be put at risk as animals chew through material to build nests or find their way outside among other reasons.

Getting a New Roof

house needing new roof

Sometimes, despite maintenance and care, your old roof might just not be good enough if it incurs damage. That is why when it’s time to replace your old, ripped up shingles, you have options! One of the latest trending roofing options is the metal roof.

Metal roofing may have a higher upfront cost, but you won’t have to worry about critters, loose shingles, or surface damage to roofing.

With expert hands, your roofing will be ready to endure a full season of rain, shine, summer storms, and whatever mother nature can throw at your home!

Don’t have Truss issues – call the trusted experts at ASAP Roofing, ASAP!

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