Roof Storm Damages and how to fix them on Commercial Roofs

When a storm occurs, the first access damaged are roofs depending on the severity of the storm. As one of the trusted professional commercial roofing companies, we have several clients reaching out to us to help optimize storm damage to your roof. Hence, we have provided a guide list to understand what one can do during and after storm arrivals.

What to do during a storm arrival

If the storm is ongoing, you must prioritize your safety and that of others in the building. Please avoid going up to the roof unless absolutely necessary. If you must then try to observe any visible damage from the ground-floor window or from a safe vantage point. Look for signs of pooling water, flapping roof material, or scattered debris on the roof.

What to do after a storm

Once the storm has left, it’s time to get quick on your feet. Block off access to areas below the damaged roof and prevent injuries from falling debris. If the power lines are down or you see exposed wires, or any other immediate safety hazards, contact emergency services as soon as you can.

Now, what is most helpful is taking photos and videos of the damaged areas on the roof. Documenting the damage can be helpful for insurance claims and repairs. This way, you can immediately inform your insurance company while they guide you through their claims process.

Once all of this is done, you can connect with one of the professional commercial roofing companies in your area to assess the damage. For instance, at ASAP Roofing and Exteriors, we specialize in commercial roof repairs and are familiar with specific roof types and materials. We offer free and honest roof evaluations from identifying missing shingles to other extreme losses.

In conclusion, if the damage to your commercial roof is severe, it would be wise to connect with a professional roofing contractor. They can help assess the extent of repair your roof needs and mitigate further damage until permanent repairs can be carried out.

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1. Can I ask my staff to carry out the repairs if there isn’t any severe damage?

We would recommend you first call an expert to assess the severity of the damage. That said, commercial roofs are complex systems where any kind of repair would require specialized skills and equipment. So, avoid attempting any DIY repairs that may put your staff at risk and cause further damage to your roof.

2. Are commercial roof repairs extremely expensive?

This depends on the extent of damage done to your roof by the storm including whether or not you have pre-installed durable anti-storm material. However, we do recommend that to get a proper estimate of the repair costs, reach out to multiple commercial roofing companies that can offer solutions, pricing, and timelines. Also, make sure that the repair contract outlines the scope of the materials to be used, the warranty details, and the payment schedule before signing.