Last Call for Home Roofing This Summer

As we enter the dog days of summer, September is the last call for home roofing projects of the season. After a rough summer of storms, is your home’s roof ready for winter?

Home Roofing Projects In Summer

Summer is the ideal time to replace, reface, or repair your roof. After a summer full of storms ranging from a drizzle to severe weather and pelting hail, your roof could have taken a beating. Fall officially begins September twenty second, and that means animals will be preparing for hibernation. A hole in a roof makes your attic an ideal place for a raccoon or bird to nest for the colder months and could attract other problematic pests into your home. Small problems in the summer and fall can turn into huge problems in the winter, so it’s always best to enter the cold season with a strong, recently inspected, sturdy roof.

Roof Replacements

Is your old roof no longer working for you? Shingle roofs aren’t the only available home roofing material these days. Replacing your roof can have many benefits. If you’re an environmentally minded individual, green roofs or metal roofs are great options. Green roofs are as they sound, adding a well insulated layer of greenery to her roof that keeps your home safe and cool during summer. This option is also great for multifamily home roofs looking for a rooftop garden. Metal roofs on the other hand, are environmentally friendly because of the quality recyclable material and longevity. Metal roofs can easily last more than three decades, keep your house cool so you use less heating and cooling, and are resistant to damage from storms or falling debris.

Home Roofing

Financing Your Home Roofing Projects

Roofing projects are some of the most expensive home improvement projects a homeowner can undertake, but thankfully many companies offer financing options for new projects. At ASAP Roofing & Exteriors, we offer many financing options for your home roofing installation or repair. We are also well experienced in working with insurance companies to guarantee you’re getting the best deal possible on an essential upgrade or repair.

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