Leak Detection and Storm Damage

Leak Detection and storm damage repairs go hand-in-hand. How does one affect the other and why is leak detection one of the most important roof maintenance services you need?

Storm Damage

No one can control the weather, but you can be prepared for what nature throws your way by ensuring your home is protected and dry. Having a trusted roofer to prepare for when disaster strikes is very important. While hurricane season usually ends before winter snows set in, storms can batter the east coast well into November and early December. Once hurricane season is through, you have to be careful with the bitter wind and ice storms of winter making shingles brittle and exposing your roof and home to water damage, pests, and more. Before the next storm hits, it’s important to at least give your roof a quick inspection, with a full and thorough inspection recommended at least once a year – ideally before storm season begins to ensure your roof is properly repaired and sealed. A simple patch can help minimize or entirely prevent damage from high winds, heavy rain, tornadoes, hurricanes, and even heavy snowfall.

Storm Damage roof

Leak Detection

It only takes a constant drop to erode giant boulders, what do you think a single, constant drop can do to your home? Over time, a leak in the ground can cause significant damage to the structure of a home or building, increase moisture within the structure, and encourage the growth of mold and other infestations. The cost of repairing damage caused by a leak can be quite high in many cases. It’s usually a better strategy to spend the money on an inspection and roof repairs than an entire list worth of water damage from a leaky roof. Leak detection and storm damage usually go hand-in-hand because detecting leaks early prevents growing damage when a rain or snow storm hits. What could be a simple drip can turn into a massive flood or worse in a matter of minutes depending on the intensity of the storm.

At ASAP Roofing, we work hard to use the latest technology in storm damage repair and leak detection. Infrared technology allows individuals looking for the source of roof leaks to be able to look through the surface of their roof to reveal potential leak sources and trapped moisture within roof assemblies. It allows you to see the roof assembly through a different filter that can reveal potential problems and sources for that elusive leak! Don’t risk drowning in roof repair bills and call us today for pre-storm leak detection and peace of mind when storms hit.

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