Our 2023 Roofing Recap

2022 was another year full of roofing innovation, new trends, and successful projects. As we look forward to 2023, we recap the past year while gearing up for the new year ahead.

2022 Recap

From the beginning of 2022 we’ve seen many interesting trends in solar roofing, cool roofs, synthetic roofs, and modern roofing materials that had been solidifying their grip as mainstream roofing options. As more homeowners make conscious choices on alternate roofing materials that cause less impact on the environment and help lower their monthly bills, we’ve also explored and discussed many of the mishaps roofs can encounter during their lifetime. From roof replacement as a consequence of severe weather damage or pest invasion, our recap is a great snapshot on cautionary tales, smart preventions, and success stories for the discerning homeowner. 


2023 Trends

In response to climate and environmental concerns, many countries are trying to limit products that have higher impacts. This includes rubber, plastics, and other petroleum-based products. Shingles, being one such product, may begin to fall out of popularity or become more expensive in the new year. With rising material costs, but opposing beneficial financial incentives, a well-insulated metal roof with solar panels may be the best choice moving forward for environmentally-minded homeowners. You may also find some new, top of the line, and innovative materials such as composite shingles, silicone-based roofing products, stone coated metal, and green roof options. In the next five years, roofing contractors are expected to see overall industry growth. Growing consumer demands fueled by rapid home construction in 2021 and as-of-yet fairly reasonable albeit increased interest rates make a roofing repair or installation project favorable before a possible recession continues to raise rates.

Thank you to all of our clients who supported us through 2022. From the ASAP Roofing & Exteriors team, we’re fortunate for your business and excited for what the new year will bring us. From new roofing materials to techniques, additions, and repairs, we’ll be there every step of the way in the next year and beyond.

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