A Guide to Your Perfect Plant Paradise on a Thriving Residential Green Roof

Are you a plant lover? Then we’re here to lush up your green roof’s residential area. Green roofs offer remarkably sustainable ways to transform your living space. However, it is important to choose the right plants and maintain them long-term. In this blog, we’ll guide you with the perfect plant palette for your residential green roof.

Growing plants on your green roof

If you want a flourishing rooftop garden, here’s what you have to look for:

  • Drought-tolerant plants: Unlike traditional gardens, green roofs receive less water and more sun and wind. So, you may want to consider plants that thrive in drought-related areas. These plants store water in their fleshy stems or leaves. So, drought-tolerant plants are what you should be looking for, such as Sedum, Delosperma, Euphorbia, and Sempervivum which are popular choices.
  • Shallow root structures: Choose plants that have a shallow root system as green roofs residential areas come with a limited growing medium depth. You can easily get some common choices with shallow, spreading roots such as creeping thyme, blue fescue, chicks, and hens.
  • Plants with minimal needs: You may not always visit your rooftop. Therefore, it would be wise to select plants with low maintenance needs, minimal trimming, and self-seeding plants that fill in any gaps naturally.
  • Add a splash of vibrancy: Drought-tolerant plants may work well on your green rooftop but don’t shy away from adding a touch of color. Incorporate flowering sedums in different shades. You could also try low-growing ornamental grasses like the blue oat grass for a textural variation.
  • Promote biodiversity: Add creeping phlox or stonecrop to enhance the aesthetics and promote biodiversity. These flowering plants will attract butterflies and bees to your rooftop. You could also add evergreen varieties like creeping jenny or ice plants with your summer bloomers. This way, you make your green roof’s residential space appealing throughout the year.

Simple steps to maintain your rooftop paradise

Once you know what goes on your rooftop, it’s time to establish a few basic maintenance measures.

  • Occasional deep-soaking: While your drought-tolerant plants won’t need much watering throughout the year, the first few weeks after planting will require deep-soaking. You may even need deep soaking during extended dry seasons, so aim for deep watering that reaches the root zone rather than frequent shallow watering.
  • Weeding: Unwanted plants may grow just like in any traditional garden, so commit to regular weeding.
  • Fresh layering: Over time, the lightweight growing medium on your green roof may lose nutrients or erode. In these situations, you can do an occasional top dressing with a fresh layer of appropriate green roof mix to replenish nutrients and maintain healthy plant growth.

By following these steps, you can maintain a lush green roof’s residential space. Make sure to add a layer of protective mulch before winter to protect the roots of your plants. You can remove the mulch during the Spring season to allow for new growth. Additionally, regularly inspect your roof for leaks or drainage issues. More than any other type of roof, a green roof should have a proper drainage system to prevent potential damage and water pooling.