The Best Roof Materials For Summer

Summer is scorching and your house may not be a happy home absorbing all that heat. Other than blasting your AC, there’s another way to save – a new roof!

Metal Roof Materials

Previously seen as cheap or unattractive, metal roofs have now become incredibly fashionable and the picture of efficiency. Becoming more affordable, metal roofing is the most environmentally friendly choice with most roof materials being made of recycled metal. They reduce heat absorption by reflecting most of the light and providing a dead space between your roof and your home. This air buffer helps lower heat transferring into your house and offer quick cooling of the material, meaning heat doesn’t linger overnight as it may on asphalt shingles and concrete rooftops.

metal roof shingles

Slate Roof Materials

A high-end, unique alternative to terra-cotta or concrete roofs, a slate roof uses the thick stone tiles to reflect light and reduce heat transfer. They are often praised for their beauty, durability, fireproofing, and low-maintenance. The downside to slate roofing include heavy tiles which could prove problematic depending on the infrastructure of your roof and cost, but your roof can be expected to easily last up to 150 years.

Clay Tile Roof Materials

Thermal resistant, historic, and great for rustic Mediterranean style homes, clay tiles are an attractive choice for traditional Southwest style homes. Designated as a cool roof, clay tiles are one roof material offer that absorb less solar energy and help you save on energy costs. Like slate, clay is a natural product and incredibly easy to recycle, but also just as heavy. Thankfully unlike slate, clay tiles are very affordable. Their curved shape allows good air circulation and keeps interiors cooler, but they can look bulky on the wrong home.

Clay Roof Material

Rubber Roof Materials

Made of a synthetic thermoplastic rubber known as ethylene propylene diene Monomer (EPDM), rubber roofs are weather-resistance and long wearing. Resistant to heat and offering white or natural-material mimicking colors options and look, rubber roofing works best for many flat roofs but can also be reset to fit a sloped surface. Rubber roofing is affordable. Some cool roofing options may even qualify you for a tax credit depending on your state or region!

Whichever material you choose to keep your roof cool, ASAP Roofing & Exteriors is here to help you! For residential and commercial roofs, we do it all! From shingle roofs, green roofs, metal roofs, and more.

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