The Dynamics Behind Coloring Metal Roofs

When hiring metal roofing contractors, be sure to discuss your coloring needs for the roof. Beyond aesthetics, the requirement of painting a metal roof provides the following benefits:

  • Enhanced Longevity: Paint acts as a protective barrier against rain, UV rays, and harsh weather conditions.
  • Reduces heat absorption: Paint can reflect sunlight away from buildings, reducing heat absorption, and lowering energy costs.
  • Tax credits or rebates: Some coatings are also energy star-rated signifying the ability to improve energy efficiency. This may potentially qualify you for tax credits and rebates.

Apart from these reasons, painted metal roofs provide high visibility if they are painted with bright colors. For instance, it is easier to identify warehouses or storage facilities for safety purposes in large industrial complexes.

Choosing shades for your metal roof: Consider these six factors

Painting is most effective for metal roofs that are in good condition while corroded roofs require replacement. Painted metal roofs require period maintenance to inspect their condition and whether a recoating is required.

Here’s what you need to know regarding the factors that affect your selection of an appropriate shade for your metal roof.

  1. Opt for light, reflective colors in hot and sunny climates: Colors like grey, white, or light beige reflect sunlight, lower heat absorption, and reduce cooling costs.
  1. Darker shades are good in cold climates: If you live in a region that is mostly cold throughout the year, your metal roofing contractors will suggest dark colors. Dark colors can include dark brown, charcoal grey, etc. These shades can absorb more sunlight, helping in snow-melting and reducing the formation of an ice dam.
  1. Lighter to mid-tone for low-profile buildings: Low-profile buildings are structures designed with shorter heights compared to their length and width. Their horizontal structure gets camouflaged in their surroundings which is why mid-tone to lighter shades provide a better impact on their metal roofs.
  1. Considering the surrounding elements: The metal roof color can be coordinated with the building’s siding for a cohesive appearance. A dark roof can contrast with a dark siding while a light beige roof can contrast with a light-colored siding. Also, the landscaping exterior trim accents should be considered so the shade selected for the roof can complement these elements for a better visual.
  1. Local regulations about reflective colors: Regarding where your estate is located, connect with your local building department. This is to ensure that you are following all necessary regulations regarding the roof color or reflective conditions.
  1. The color chosen as per maintenance: Darker shades on metal roofs make dirt and dust far more visible compared to light shades. Take into consideration the frequency of getting your roof cleaned for these purposes.

While some colors offer functional benefits, your decision can factor in a balance of both aesthetic and practicality. Consult with our residential metal roofing contractors for expert advice on suitable coloring options based on the building, location, and desired outcome. We also offer extensive warranties on metal roofing products to ensure that your investment is protected.